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Demo NextJS App built by Jason Crabtree

The app lets users submit a "review" of a food or drink establishment, which then shows in a reverse feed. Each review can be edited after creation. Each review generates two dynamic pages, a public link for the actual review, and if not already created, a public link for reviewed establishment.

Technology and tools used:

  • NextJS, TypeScript and React (with Next Pages Router) for client and server, with database operations serverside
  • Prisma with a Vercel Postgres database for data storage and CRUD operations
  • NextAuth for login and authentication using a Google login account provider
  • GitHub for version control and hosting, and Vercel for CI/CD deployment. Lint checks run on deployment
  • Styled-Components, CLSX, and phosphor-react icons for styling, with CSS variable styles
White, weatherboard hotel in Cardona, New Zealand